"Estate planning documents prepared by All About Trust. I would recommend these documents over others I've seen. They are done very professionally and complete."

-Trust Manager
America First CU

"I had my estate planning documents prepared by All About Trust. My documents were done just as professional as any attorney I've worked with."

-Thomas Dean
Attorney at Law

"This package was put together better and more organized than I have ever seen. Very well done."

-Title Manager
Sequim Title, Washington

"All About Trust went through every step slowly so we could understand and make sure it was done right!"

-Brandon and Cynthia K.

"All About Trust was there for my family when Dad passed away. They came to my home and walked me through the process. They really went above and beyond years after Dad created his Trust."

-Breeland Bird
Salt Lake City, UT

"All About Trust made corrections to my trust for me four years after I did my trust. I asked, 'How much do I owe you?' He said, 'Nothing, you paid for this years ago when you paid for your Trust.'"

-Vernise Madson
Provo, UT

"Thank you for walking us through the process and setting up a trust for our family. It's been a blessing to us. Our family will always be grateful for how you took care of everything!"

-Dan and Eileen Ferguson
Pittsburg, KS


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