Make sure you keep your estate plan in a secure place.

Generally, that's at home in a safe or in a bank in a jointly-owned safe deposit box. For married couples, it's important that each spouse knows the location of both Wills (they can certainly be in the same place) and for unmarried folks, it's smart to keep your original with a family member, your executor, or your estate planner.


Who should get the copies?

  • Executor: Since your executor will be responsible for making sure your wishes are respected, make sure they have at least a copy, if not the original estate plan.
  • Family: Your spouse, children, and other close family members will be the ones most affected by your estate plan. Make sure they have copies.
  • Your Physician: It's a great idea to make sure your primary care doctor has a copy of your Power of Attorney and especially your Living Will.


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