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How to Choose the Best Estate Planning 

When Choosing an Estate Plan, It is not a matter of the size of the estate, whether you own a home or other significant asset. It is a matter of what benefits those you leave behind to resolve your affairs. Therefore, it is essential to make an educated decision.

Usually, Estate Planning involves lots of paperwork, costs, and delays. However, here in All About Trust, we have designed an Intelligent Interactive Interview to significantly reduce the amount of attorney time necessary to create an Estate Plan. More information could be found at https://allabouttrust.net


Our company has helped more than 1200 families put together their Estate Plans over the past ten years. Our primary focus is to take care of people, so all updates, changes, and amendments are included in the price. We can offer this competitive price because of our innovative technology and advanced software that has only recently been developed—no need to overpay for your Estate Planning anymore.


Estate Planning means setting up documents to protect you against incapacity or death. When choosing a plan, there are three options: The first one is to do nothing. This process is called PROBATE. The probate process can be expensive, it can take years to settle, and it is a very public process. The judge makes all the decisions such as who gets what, who takes care of minor children, etc. The second one is to create a Last Will or Testament, and the last one is to establish a Living Trust. Here at All About Trust, as you go through the Intelligent Interactive Interview, when prompted, answer the questions with the information requested. The Intelligent Interview system will ensure you receive the right plan for your specific needs, saving a lot of time and money.


We can refer you to an attorney should you desire specific legal advice or concerns.  You may also simply request that an attorney review your completed document to assure you that it meets your objectives and we will also make that referral. Or, you may ask that an attorney discuss with you your various specific needs, and have the attorney make changes to the documents based upon your discussion. As we have noted, we are not attorneys but are document preparers. We can offer general document needs at very reasonable prices that are generally suitable for most people.  

With this information and knowing that choosing an Estate Planning is sometimes tricky, anyone interested in taking care of their assets can rely on All About Trust. We have the technology and professionals ready to be at your service. 



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